Get Better Open Rates & Win at Email Marketing

Get Better Open Rates & Win at Email Marketing

1) Foster the Relationship

Don’t send an email every now and then saying buy my stuff, build the relationship and provide value.
I have people complain to me my open rate is low e.g. 10-14% [Average open rates range between 15-25%] and their click rate ~2% [average] yet ALL they do is send email out saying buy my stuff or talk about themselves. Remember this is not about you it is about them. Read the Heroes Journey be the guide sure, but the reader is the hero. Provide value and solve problems.

2) The Subject Matters Bigtime

The objective of the subject line is to get people to open the email, also don’t forget to fill in preview text, the line that comes after the subject line when you view email inbox. I highly recommend you scan your inbox and notice what YOU open, what subject lines are others are using. In the world of marketing we have a list of headlines we can use BUT try and be different I personally like quirky and pattern interrupt styles.

3) Up the Frequency

Yes the more engaged your audience the better, so email more often! Provide value, make it interesting even entertaining. I think straight away of Seth Godins daily news, which is short and sweet easily digestible and you can read more if you want. The flip side is you email a few times a year saying buy this, this does not help you have your emails read, versus having the audience happy to receive your great content.

4) Get People to respond, reply & click

This helps you big time remembering there is a middleman i.e. the ISP in between your email sender e.g. Infusionsoft, Aweber, Active Campaign who is also monitoring what happens re delivery and interaction.

This is part of the conversation re appearing in promotions or updates folder versus the inbox

5) Welcome Campaign

Control and be intentional about the first 30 days and build the relationship. Send a thank you, 2hrs later send a quick question, then do a 5 emails in 5 days, indoctrination and get to know, then do a series of content with the CTA being your core offer, you can try and out smaller offers on the way. THEN after the welcome sequences is complete put them on your next nurture sequence and updates lists based on the interests they have shown.

6) Cull Quickly the Un-Engaged

Tag all new contacts and if they have not, opened, clicked, taken and action, purchased in 30 days, take them OFF your list, then put them in a 3 email engagement sequence then DELETE them, yes DELETE them. They did come in for some reason, you could put them in FB audience if you must chase them. However sending to unengaged hurts your deliverability, trust and reputation as a sender! Also, add automation identifying those unengaged after 90-120  days, segregate them into a re-engagement sequence if no response and they are not a customer take them out as well!!

7) Personalisation / Segmentation

Mass email broadcasts are dead, you need to know your customer and speak to them and their needs. Actually ASK your audience what they need, creating buckets/segments and tag them accordingly. Understand their pain points and provide solutions.

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