10 Reasons to Consider a ChatBot For Your Business

10 Reasons to Consider a ChatBot For Your Business

Chatbots offer endless possibilities to communicate and respond to your audience, they get smarter, faster more useful by the day. The big shift here is away from old school marketing methods over to ‘Conversational Marketing’ happening on mobile devices and social platforms.

Once upon a time you would have a optin to capture an email address, then followup etc, NOW the way is to optin to a Messenger Bot and have immediate conversations. This is resulting in must faster communication, quicker building of trust and authority, IF done right.

The big guns are all spending big on AI look at Apple’s SIRI, Amazon Alexa and The Google Assistant for example [i use the latter all the time now it is surprisingly good]

Get this;

  • people are spending more time in messenger apps than on social media
  • 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices [Commscore]
  • email open rate 5-10% messenger 70%+ and usually within 60 secs!!

There is a startup well underway Babylon Health to replace your doctor with a chatbot
“As easy as ordering a cab on your smartphone” Babylon announced recently “that its AI bot had achieved a “world first” in identifying medical issues as accurately as a human expert. British doctors get an average score of 72% on the Royal College of GP’s MRCGP exam; Babylon’s bot got 81%”

So the 10;

  1. Fast 24/7  Response
    • these days this is expected, who wants to wait 24 hrs for an email response?
  2. Always ON
    • boom immediate reply and bots can return the most common questions right away
  3. Reduce Staff Costs
    • less team required if load is being taken off for common questions
  4. Build Relationship Quickly
    • this is huge no more waiting for emails, low open rates etc. Manage the communications in a conversational manner building a relationship, trust and authority fast
  5. Enable Transactions
    • this is the future, no more cards, and paypal, just connect up on Messenger, Whatsapp or WeChat. [The latter is huge in China]
  6. Better Customer Care / Support
    • Answer common customer questions straight away
    • faster response times
  7. Drive awareness
    • So many possibilities here
    • so easy to broadcast a message out to your tagged/segmented audience, whther that be a update a special offer, a upcoming training event etc
  8. Acquire customers
    • following on from no4 build relationship quickly, if you can get a conversation going you are so far ahead. Not far off a direct phone call where you are chatting with prospects and getting straight to it. Noting there is a time to sell and a time to market, first phase for a new contact is to provide value and build trust then and only then can you move to a sales funnel / offers.
  9. Be An Early Adopter
    • get in now whilst it is still fresh and not over used by marketers
  10.  Easy to Implement
    • it is not hard to get a simple bot ‘flow’ up and running with tools like ManyChat or Chatfuel making it easy to get started. After all it is like setting up a conversation, you can think of the top 3 things people normally ask for starters. You get to have a menu with more options and you can build it out over time.

The world of ChatBots is exploding and moving fast it is absolutely time to get in the game, how can you implement a bot in your business today?

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